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Latisse: How To Apply It Properly

Without a doubt, Latisse eye drops aid to lengthen and thicken lashes. But the price will be far higher than it would be for a regular mascara tube. Because of this, you’ll probably want to take all possible measures to prolong the life of your Latisse solution. Additionally, it will assist you in growing long, beautiful eyelashes, which will enhance the appearance of your eyes. 

How to Extend the Life of Your Latisse in Three Ways

Use no more than one drop of Latisse per day in the cap.

In accordance with the directions, immediately apply one drop to the brush for each eye. To cut down on waste, think about putting one drop in the cap and then dipping the brush in it. You can still use this method to administer Latisse to both eyes, but you can only use one drop per eyelid.

Two days should pass between uses of each brush.

Because Latisse online USA ophthalmic solution is only designed to last two months, you only get 60 applicator brushes. After each usage, wash the brushes with water, let them air dry, and then use them again the next day. As a result, your brushes can last four months rather than only two.

Half the brush method

Cutting the length of your brushes in half is another way to increase the lifespan of your product. You will use less product as a result, and the product you do use will be used more precisely and successfully. Have you ever taken Latisse? Do you have any suggestions for extending the effectiveness of your prescription?

Purchase cheap Latisse online, an eyelash development supplement that states to gradually lengthen, thicken, and darken lashes. Simply follow the directions while using the Latisse serum solution once daily and watch your lashes grow! The length and volume of your eyelashes will return to normal if you stop using Latisse.

How Do I Apply Latisse eyelash growth serum?

• Before applying, wash your face and take out your contacts. A clean face must be used to apply Latisse. Dry your face with a towel after washing it with warm soapy water. Your natural eyes and your contacts should not come into touch with any Latisse products. To avoid contamination or pain, take out your contacts before putting the solution to your eyelids.

• Hold an applicator horizontally after removing it from the tray. In between your fingers, hold one of the sterile applicators from the tray package. Don’t hold the applicator by anything other than the bristle-free end.

• To the tip of the applicator, add one drop of Latisse. One drop of the medicinal solution should be applied to the applicator’s tip while holding it horizontally. If you use more than one drop, you run the risk of putting it in your eyes and having too much.

• When your eyelid meets your lashes, drag the applicator tip along the surface of your eyelid. With the Latisse side facing down, carefully place the applicator over your upper eyelid. Where the skin of your eyelids meets your lashes is the best place to apply the applicator. The same justification is used by people who buy cheap Bimatoprost.

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