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Benoquin Monobenzone Cream 20%

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What is Benoquin cream?

It is an FDA-approved depigmentation cream which is primarily used in the treatment of vitiligo. Benoquin cream buy online cream lightens the vitiligo patches permanently. Vitiligo is an auto-immune disorder which has no cure available yet. It can only be treated with the help of topical creams. However, one should use the cream on a daily basis, and as directed by a doctor. It is for external use only. The medicine contains Monobenzone as its active chemical which works by decreasing melanin production. This results in even skin complexion which is goal of the vitiligo treatment.

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Monobenzone Benoquin is not a cure for vitiligo. It only treats the condition. It is important to do a patch test before using the cream to look for signs of allergic reactions. Benoquin 20 cream should be used in the long term to see noticeable results.

Mechanism of action

Benoquin cream works on the vitiligo patches by destructing the cells responsible for the production of melanin. Melanin is a skin colouring pigment. By destroying the melanin production, Monobenzone Benoquin helps in lightening the skin around vitiligo patches to make the skin tone even in appearance.

Directions for use

As mentioned earlier, Benoquin 20 cream needs to be used externally. Please consult your doctor and follow directions. Wash your hands before and after applying the cream. Squeeze the required amount of cream and apply it on the clean skin. Do not apply Monobenzone Benoquin on the skin with cuts and wounds. If it comes in contact with eyes, you need to wash the eyes with plenty of water.

The cream takes up to 4 months to start working on vitiligo. It is a long-term treatment. You need to keep using the cream to keep vitiligo patches in control.

Missed dosage

If you miss using the cream, you need to apply it as soon as you remember. Please note, do not use the medicine if its time for the next scheduled application. Using Benoquin 20 cream in excess amount do not accelerate the treatment. Also, it is linked with onset of severe side effects.

Side effects

Before you buy Benoquin, you must know that this skin lightening agent tends to cause a few side effects. These include mild stinging, irritation, burning sensation, etc. These side effects stay for a short duration and these are generally harmless in nature.  However, if they stay for longer, you must talk to your doctor.

In a few cases, the vitiligo treatment therapy may cause a few severe side effects. Allergic reactions, severe burning sensation, irritation, irregular depigmentation, etc are some of the severe aftermaths. You must discuss about it before you buy Benoquin cream. Also, stop using the cream if any of the severe side effects appear. Please see a doctor at the earliest.

Benoquin 20 cream Contraindications and drug interactions

  • The cream may be unsafe to use during pregnancy. If you are pregnant and wish to use the cream, you must consult with a doctor. Also inform your doctor if you get pregnant during the treatment.
  • If you have skin conditions especially eczema or psoriasis, you must use the cream with great caution.
  • Breastfeeding women must use Benoquin cream buy online cream with caution. The drug may get secret into the breastmilk causing ill effects to the nursing child.
  • This vitiligo cream makes your skin sensitive to the UV rays. Therefore, one must use a good quality sunscreen while steeping out in the sun.
  • Before using Benoquin cream buy online, tell your doctor if you are already using any other topical medicines or skin care products.
  • Do not over use the cream. Using the cream in excess quantity often leads to severe side effects.
  • This vitiligo cream is not a cosmetic and hence should not be used as a replacement for skin lightening creams.




2 reviews for Benoquin Monobenzone Cream 20%

  1. Adam (verified owner)

    The customer care staff are friendly and they always calm my anxiety down. Always on their toes ensuring to offer better service. I really love and admire their enthusiasm. Also, I receive my Benoquin cream on time. I stay in Alabama and the faster delivery was a pleasant experience.

  2. Nate

    Ordering medicines has never been easy! I just love how you people never fail to send me confirmation and reminder mails. It makes it easier to keep a track of my order. Thank you once again for delivering my Benoquin right in time.

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