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Nexium 20 mg gastro-resistant tablets

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What is Nexium?

Fortified with Esomeprazole, Nexium generic is an effective medication to reduce stomach acid production, resulting in providing relief from its consequences. The medicine is majorly used in the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease, Zollinger–Ellison syndrome, and peptic ulcer disease. The medicine belongs to the proton pump inhibitor or PPI class of drugs and is available in the form of oral tablets and injectables. It is important to take the medicine as directed by a doctor.

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Approved by FDA, Nexium tablets are available in generic variation too. You can buy this medicine without prescription in some countries.

Mechanism of Action

Nexium 40 mg tablets contains Esomeprazole as its active ingredient. It is a proton pump inhibitor that works by binding to the H+/K+ ATPase in the proton pump. This type of binding is irreversible. The proton pump secrets hydrochloric acid in the stomach which is then used to break down the food. By inhibiting the stomach acid production, Nexium 20 mg tablets help in keeping GERD symptoms in control.


The recommended dosage is available as Nexium 40 mg tablets to be taken twice a day preferably before having meals. Take the drug with water. For elders, Nexium 20 mg tablets are recommended at the beginning of the treatment. The dosage can be increased gradually.

One should take the medicine with water. Do not consume it with alcohol or any fruit juice to reduce the risk of severe side effects. Also, do not take more than the recommended dosage to prevent ill effects. The medicine starts to make you feel better within 2 to 3 days, and full results can be seen in 4 weeks of treatment commencement.

Side effects

It is natural for medicines to produce side effects and Nexium Esomeprazole follows the trend. This anti-GERD drug causes mild or commonly occurring side effects that are short-lived and are harmless in nature. Stomach pain, constipation, dry mouth, headache, etc are some of the common side effects caused by the drug.

Some people suffer from severe side effects. They must have a word with their doctor before they buy Nexium online. The severe side effects include irregular heartbeat. Muscle spasms, allergic reactions, joint pain, etc. Please see a doctor if you develop any of these side effects.

Contraindications and Drug Interactions

  • Allergic reactions to the active chemical component are a common phenomenon. If you have experienced the same, you need to inform your doctor about it.
  • Tell your doctor if you have any health issues especially kidney or liver problems, lupus; before you buy Nexium Esomeprazole.
  • If used in long term, Nexium generic is known to increase one’s risk of bone fractures. Discuss with your doctor especially if you have a bone disease or if you develop symptoms of bone diseases.
  • Children may be at high risk of developing side effects and thus their dosing regimen needs to be monitored.
  • Pregnant women should buy Nexium Esomeprazole after discussing its pros and cons with a doctor. The medicine may affect the unborn baby and thus pregnant women must consult a doctor before taking the medicine.
  • It is unclear whether the drug passes into the breastmilk. Please ensure your dosages are monitored by a doctor.

Nexium generic medicine may interfere with some medicines such as azole anti-fungal drugs, or similar proton pump inhibitors used to treat acidity.

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    Shipment got delayed. I mean it’s the very first time something happened like this. I always trust you guys for sending my Nexium pills on time. What happened? Please look into it.

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